Dr. C Explains: The Psychology Behind Sequins

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This blog was first started as a creative outlet while I was completing my doctoral degree in Psychology. Little did I know social media would become my career 3 years ago. Over the last 2 years I began missing psychology greatly but I didn’t want to hand in the fashion blog towel, given my love for fashion. That’s what inspired me to introduce the Dr. C’s Tips series here and on YouTube. It has been so incredible to share this side of me with you all but I still felt like there was a piece missing that allowed me to fully merge both psychology and fashion. It finally hit me a few months ago to literally merge the two in a series where I explore the psychology behind fashion. Why do we wear what we wear, and what attracts us to it?

From a timing perspective, I thought the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 would be the perfect time to introduce the new series. For today’s post and the first of two introductory “Dr. C Explains: The Psychology Behind Fashion” series we dive in and discuss the psychology behind Sequins.


The Psychology Behind Sequins

Whether you think of 80’s mania and Dynasty or even a disco ball, sequins are considered to be the quintessential holiday and New Year’s Eve fabric. January 31st is the time for us to be as extra as possible but why is it that we are drawn to this fabric during one of the coldest months of the year?

From a psychological perspective, fashion is often seen as a form of escapism and it would then make sense that gloomy winter weather and even political tension would inspire one to want to escape to sequins in December. Sequins have been considered to be symbolic of optimism, a celebratory moment in one’s life, and even prestige given the adornment of sequins and glitter all over a piece of clothing. But researchers have found that humans and animals are naturally drawn to sparkly objects. And why is that? Well it’s because it resembles water and water sparkles when the rays of the sun hit the water. Since we as humans have an innate desire and need for water, it would only then make sense for us to be attracted to things that are sparkly and glossy, such as sequins.

Who would have thought?


Now thanks to designers like Isabel Marant, Ellery, and Chanel sequins have become socially acceptable to be worn on an everyday basis and are on trend for Spring and Summer 2019. So whether you decide to rock a sequin dress, pair of sequin pants, or a blouse this NYE or upcoming spring and summer seasons now you have a fun conversation starter!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of The Psychology Behind Fashion series. And let me know your thoughts on this piece, as well as any topics you’d love for me to address below!

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