Dr. C Explains: Psychology Behind The Black Suit

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Do you own a Black Suit? In today’s Psychology Behind Fashion episode, we’re discussing the Black Suit. The formal black suit is symbolic for competence, assertiveness and professionalism. But did you know research has shown that wearing a suit changes the way we think by making us feel powerful and more likely to think and process information abstractly as opposed to concretely? Let’s go a bit more in-depth:

Black Suits Outside of Work

Black suits and the way they make us feel are perfect for the work setting. I can hear you in the back": “But Christie, we know that already”. But what about the impact wearing a suit could have in our daily life if we wore suits more often outside of work. We’d be less likely to make impulsive decisions and more likely to make sound long-term oriented ones, as well as be less likely to personalize comments that could harm our self-esteem.


Here are two ideas for you if you’d like to try wearing a black suit on date night or to a gala. For a gala, add a great pair of black strappy sandals and add a great clutch and pair of long statement earrings to make the look more dressed up and feminine.

For date night, add a pair of great pointed toe pumps, clutch and earrings. Finish the look with red lipstick for a bold look. If you’re feeling a bit extra, drop any top or shirt that would go underneath the suit. Just be careful to not show too much cleavage.

For a modern and sleek look, ensure the hem of the pants hits you at the ankle, as opposed to covering the shoe you’re wearing.

Before sharing some of my favorite suits below, I did want to mention black suits are an investment wardrobe piece so make sure you invest in one since you’ll have it for years to come. Don’t worry though I’ve linked a bunch from different price points!

Have you ever thought of wearing your black suit outside of the office or a job interview? Let me know in the comments below!

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