Winter Reds: 3 Must-Have Winter Pieces

Hi all,

First of all Happy Holidays!! It’s Christmas Eve at the time of writing this post, so I simply wnated to wish you all very happy holidays. On to today’s look though and we’re talking about winter reds. And while I’m decked in all red for the holidays, this look is very easy to replicate for the holidays or any winter day for that matter whether you decide to rock red in January or February in anticipation of Valentine’s Day or change it for any other fun color. So let’s jump right in and discuss 3 must-have Winter pieces: The Puffer Jacket, turtleneck sweater, and black leather pants.

The puffer coat

We’ve spoken before about styling puffer coats - I’m a big fan of puffers for winter. This one is cozy, chic, and most important of all, it keep you warm!

This particular style is one I’m loving right now. It’s cropped, which automatically makes it chic, and it allows you to show off whatever cute pants you have on, as opposed to covering them like most coats. A good red puffer coat like this one from Banana Republic, which is almost sold out, is a great statement jacket thanks to its color, of course! Paired with neutrals, it’ll create the perfect pop. If you want some ideas for how to style your puffer coat, see here!

SM_Photo Nov 28, 12 27 43 PM(1).jpg

The turtleneck sweater

I’m a fan of layering, but I also enjoy sometimes wearing as few layers as possible. And my trick for that involves a good turtleneck sweater. A red one like this one from Banana Republic (sold out, but linked similars below) is another great statement piece. Whether you pair it with red , like I did here, or neutrals, it can be the focus piece of a great look. If you’re not a big fan of turtlenecks with how they feel at the neck, try to find ones that are loose and oversized so they’re not tight at the neck.


Black leather pants

Black leather pants are another must-have for winter, as I’ve mentioned before. I get tired of wearing jeans so I tend to gravitate to these because it’s something different and they can very easily be dressed down or up. Also, if you’re petite like me, I did not need to alter these in any way and I’m quite short at 5’1.

For the accessories, I opted for black ones and these boots are so cute with a ruffle detailing but hurry up they’re almost sold out! With regard to the black bag it can be worn in the hand or on the shoulder or crossbody, simply add the strap. I personally love the fringe and studded detailing its just so fun and edgy!

So what did you think, are these pieces you already have or are thinking about getting? Let me know in the comments below:

As always, thank you for reading!