Hot Bag Alert: Jacquemus Baci Bag

Hi all,

Excited to bring you a new edition of the Hot Bag Alert! I recognize it has been a minute since the last one as we looked more in-depth at general trends in the early part of the year as opposed to individual items. But today I’m talking about one of the hottest bags of the season: the Jacquemus Baci bag. So should you get it? Why? Let’s dive right into my review on the Jacquemus Baci Bag!

Jacquemus Baci Bag


The Jacquemus Baci bag is one of the hottest sets of bags right now that you can get - if you can even get them as they’re selling out like hot cakes. Why? Well, Jacquemus is a very hot brand right now - easily one of the hottest in fashion. So when you have a hot brand, you’re going to have some hot pieces and the Baci bag is one of those key pieces for Spring and particularly Summer.

Baci Sizes

The Jacquemus Baci Bag comes in three sizes: mini, standard and grand. Essentially, the most important item that changes is the space devoted to the actual bag - where you put in your items. The fringe is mostly similar in size. The mini - pictured here and the one I own - really just fits the absolute essentials. The standard size is your more normal size that’ll fit your essentials and a few other things, and the Grand is a mix of statement piece and beach bag.

The prices for the bag also reflect the size different, with the mini starting at $468, the standard at $588 and the grand at $972.


Jacquemus Baci for Summer

For Summer, some of the materials you mostly think of for bags are straw, rattan, wicker and raffia. The Jacquemus Baci bag is a fringe raffia bag, so in essence we have one of the key Summer materials, and one of the hottest trends for 2019 (fringe) together, making this an “it” bag for summer.


Jacquemus Baci Specifications

With three sizes to consider, it’s important to analyze each one. The mini has a 14cm x 16.5cm pouch - rather small, but very cute. As with all the others it’s made 100% of raffia, and features a white leather strap.

The standard size comes in at 30cmx30cm, essentially doubling the pouch’s size. Finally, the grand sizes in at 60cm x60cm, doubling the standard.

Which one is right for you will depend on budget, of course, but also your expected use. Understanding what you’ll wearing it to will help you find the right option for you.



It’s time for the verdict on the Jacquemus Baci bag. I rate this one as a “Buy”. It’s a unique statement piece from one of the “it” brands of the moment. That alone makes it a buy. However, it’s a buy that is future proof as well. Because no matter what happens, a raffia bag for Summer will never go out of style. - it’s a classic material for the season. So in essence you’re getting something very special for this Summer 2019, and something that is going to be wearable again and again in future Summers or beach vacation trips. The only caution to throw out there is the size: be sure you understand the sizes and identify what size you think you’ll need prior to purchasing.

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