Let's Go Shopping: Spring Dresses You Need!

Hi all,

With Spring in full swing, we recently spoke about what is easily one my favorite current Spring dresses. Today though, we’re going shopping for new spring and summer dresses as I list below my favorites out there right now across all price ranges: from affordable, to a bit of a splurge.

Dresses for Spring & Summer 2019

Dresses are the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe for Spring & Summer because of how easy they are to style, and how versatile they are. Spring & Summer dresses are perfect because they can be worn to so many occasion, but also on vacation! That’s right, dresses are your best friend if you’re headed somewhere tropical or hot this Summer and they usually take little to no space in your bag because of their thin fabrics, so it’s a double win.


When we’re looking for Spring & summer dresses, we’re looking for pastels, florals, feminine fabrics and/or fun colors. So let’s go shopping for some Spring & Summer dresses below!