2019 Spring Trend Guide: Biker Shorts

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In today’s 2019 Spring & Summer Trend Guide, we’re talking all about biker shorts - a trend that is creating a lot of division in the ranks of women. Some people love them and some people hate them. Few people I’ve spoken to are indifferent. So with that said, let’s talk biker shorts and see if by the end of the video and article, you might switch to the “love biker shorts” group!

Why you should wear biker Shorts for 2019 Spring & Summer

I’m a fan of biker shorts - in fact, you might remember I wore them last year. But they’re particularly trendy this season thanks to being featured on a lot of runways. Chanel had several looks featuring biker shorts, and so did Jacquemus, Prada, Fendi and more. So let’s take an in-depth look at why you should consider styling some biker shorts for your next look.

SM_Photo Apr 26, 12 55 58 AM.jpgbiker-shorts-spring-summer-2019-trend-report-how-to-style-christie-ferrari-1
SM_Photo Apr 26, 12 55 58 AM.jpgbiker-shorts-spring-summer-2019-trend-report-how-to-style-christie-ferrari-2

Low Commitment

While you know I am totally okay with investing in basics, accessories and classic pieces, I am a bit more reluctant to spend cash on trends. That’s why I’m a big fan of trends that are low commitment - meaning, they’re cheap and easy to pull of. Earlier this year, we spoke all about the Hair Accessories trend and how easy - and cheap - it is to sport it. Biker shorts are not that much different luckily. Yes, of course, you can spend and get the Prada, Fendi and Chanel ones and if you have that disposable income, that’s amazing! But if you don’t, unlike other trends, it doesn’t matter. You can quickly and easily join this trend with no more than $15 or $20.

A trend for everyone

Biker shorts can be worn by anyone - whether you’re tall, short, thin or curvy, the secret to styling the biker shorts well is to cover part of your tights. That’s what’s going to make you look chic and well-put-together.

Easy to go from day to night

Another of the beauties of the biker short trend is how versatile it can be. You can wear them during the day, and then style them easy for night time as well.

SM_Photo Apr 26, 12 55 58 AM.jpgbiker-shorts-spring-summer-2019-trend-report-how-to-style-christie-ferrari-4

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