Hot Bag Alert: Kayu Vera Summer Clutch Review 2018

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You recently likely saw the Hot Bag Alert for the Kayu Limon-Embellished Clutch. Today, we're going to look at another Kayu bag of similar inspiration, and equally as well suited for the upcoming Summer season: The Kayu Vera Clutch! It's a cute clutch, and perfect for Summer, but should you buy it? Read on and find out and, after reading, do let me know in the comments, which one of the two Kayu bags you prefer!

Kayu Vera Clutch

There are bags that sometimes scream of a particular place you've visited or seen. Does that happen to you? The moment I saw this bag, I was transported to Positano, in Italy. A place I visited last year. With its lemon accent, and striped body, this Summer bag belongs in the Amalfi Coast, but will shine wherever the sun shines as well. Memorial day is around the corner, and with it being the unofficial start of Summer, the time might be perfect to add it to your wardrobe.

Christie Ferrari with the Kayu Vera clutch summer 2018
Christie Ferrari drives with her Kayu Vera Summer Clutch for 2018 summer. Hot bag alert and review.

Dimensions & Specifications

At approximately  7" wide x 4" tall x 1.5" in diameter, the clutch is of average size. It features a magnetic top closure, so once you snap, you don't have to worry about it opening or you losing anything if you put it down. The exterior's raffia fabric features blue stripes and a super cute - and perfect pop - yellow lemon accent in acrylic. If you'd rather not wear it as a clutch, it does have a chain inside so you can hang off the shoulder.

As to what fits in it, well, not too much as you'd expect, but the essentials. So here we're talking a small wallet, keys and essential make up such as eyeliner, lip gloss and concealer. You could also opt to ditch the wallet and bring a clip with some cash, ID and credit card for additional space for your phone.

Styling the Kayu Vera Clutch

I normally reserve clutches for fancier affairs or occasions, but this one is more causal in nature so while we could certainly style it for a vacation, baby shower, or a dinner date, it also can be worn to fancier event, which makes it very versatile.

For vacation or baby shower, we keep it simple:  a white crochet dress with heeled espadrilles will do wonders. Flat sandals will work too if you'd rather go that route. Try pairing with a chic maxi dress or cover up.

For date night, look for a summer blouse that you have and pair with fitted denim and stilettos. I'm here wearing a great blue sweater and white kitten heels.

Lastly for an event, look for a blue silk slip dress or blue gown and add stilettos and a great pair of statement earrings.

Christie Ferrari wears Kayu Vera Clutch for Hot bag Alert series on Summer clutches for 2018.


The Kayu Vera Summer Clutch is a great summer clutch, that will feel at home in most hot weather situations. If you're planning a trip to the Amalfi coast, this might be the best accessory you can bring. The price is a bit more than I'd expect for it at $225, in particular when compared to the Limon-Embellished we talked about recently, which retailed at $100. However, at time of writing, Saks is having a great sale and the bag is available for $157! Now granted, this Summer clutch has the upside of being versatile enough to be taken out at night and to fancier events, but whether that price difference is worth it is up to each individual person. I loved wearing it and you'll likely see me wear this often this summer and if it's on sale right now, it's something to definitely consider!

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Shop this item by clicking on the image or  HERE.

Shop this item by clicking on the image or HERE.