Hot Bag Alert: Furla Hello Kitty Mini Crossbody Review 2018

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This week's Hot Bag Alert comes by way of Furla and its partnership with our favorite Japanese kitty, Hello Kitty. The result is an incredibly fun statement bag that pays homage to our childhood, that goes easily from day to night and that you'll love. So let's take a look at the review of this Furla Hello Kitty Mini Crossbody.

Furla Hello Kitty Mini Crossbody Specs

The printed textured leather bag takes the well-known Metropolis mini crossbody frame and adds the design of Hello Kitty including her notorious red and pink bow. There is a padlock in gold tone at the front which automatically gives the bag a more dressed up vibe. The bag features one flap opening to one side as most Furla bags do and inside, there is one pocket where you can put any loose cash, ID, or credit card, or something else that's small and thin.

As to exact dimensions, the bag stands at 16.5(W)x12(H)x8(D) cm, so if you're currently creating an "air-bag" with your hands, or pulling out the measuring tape,  remember that we are talking about the mini crossbody and not the full size. So while essential make up, keys and a small phone will fit, my iphone 7 Plus did not. So one thing to keep in mind is usage, as you won't be able to carry too much with you.

Christie ferrari wears Furla Hello Kitty mini crossbody for hot bag alert review 2018

How to Style Furla Hello Kitty Mini Crossbody


Christie ferrari wears Furla Hello Kitty mini crossbody for hot bag alert review 2018

Take this fun statement bag on your next vacation and wear it crossbody over your favorite neutral colored or white crochet or denim summer dress. Pair with a great flat sandal and fun sunglasses and you’re ready for a chic summer day.

Dressed up casual

Wear as I do with a pair of denim, striped button down and make the look automatically more fun by tying the shirt into a bow. Then add your favorite hoops and heeled wedges. Perfect for brunch or a casual dinner.

Day or night time event

But don’t think that it’s only for casual events because our favorite childhood cartoon character is on the bag. Make it a fun statement at your next formal event too and wear it with a great chiffon or silk dress. Pair with great statement earrings and some stiletto earrings.

The Verdict

The items to keep in mind is the size (and versatility as a result) and the price. Starting at $378 at time of writing, and thus $80 more than the regular Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody means the Hello Kitty design comes at a premium. However, this is a super fun, super cute bag made of quality materials by a great brand, like Furla. It also features one of the most iconic cartoon characters for girls, Hello Kitty. That combination alone makes it a must-buy for Hello Kitty fans or if you want to gift it to your daughter, or niece as their first bag or if you're looking for a new cute statement bag!


Shop this item by clicking on the image or  HERE.

Shop this item by clicking on the image or HERE.