Hot Shoe Alert: Who What Wear Poppy Polka Dots Bow Heeled Pumps

Hi all,

Polka dots are one of those designs that is just perfect for Spring & Summer so when a shoe comes along that adds the polka dots, a bow and a workable heel, I had to give it a shot. After some weeks of wearing them, in different situations, I'm excited to share with you my review of the Who What Wear Poppy Polka Dot Bow Heeled Pump, available at Target!

Polka Dot Pumps

As I mentioned above, polka dot is a great print to wear during Spring & Summer - easily one of my favorites! And it can usually be worn on almost any piece you wear. You could go for a set, you could wear the print on your dress, pants, top, romper, shoes - as you see here - or even bows and scarves. It's feminine but it is also a print that is friendly to those that are not big fans of wearing prints to begin with. If you're not a big print person and stick to black, for example, you can easily wear an all-black look and add one small piece of polka dots, like these shoes, for a perfect pop.

Christie wears who what wear's poppy polka dot heeled pumps
Christie Ferrari wears polka dot heeled pumps from who what wear target

Polka Dot Heeled Pumps and Specs

Priced at a very affordable $37.99 at time of writing, and featuring a 2.5 inch chunky heel, it's a perfect pair of pumps to sport both during the day, and transition into casual evening events as well. Aside from the polka dot design, the pumps feature a feminine accent via the bow detailing on the top strap. The classic block heel is great for walking, too. I can attest to walking several blocks at a time with them and they were super comfortable - even if you're not a person that normally wears heels.

Styling the Polka Dot Pumps

The shoes feel at home in almost all occasions. They are day-time friendly, so you can style easily with shorts and a blouse like I do here, or fitted ankle-length denim and a blouse to balance. These looks are perfect for vacation, a chill weekend outing, or even brunch. I'd advise to look into the ankle-length fitted denim, so that you can show off the shows and not cover them.


If you want to dress it up, you certainly can via way of a dress. If you saw my InstaStories recently, I wore them with a silk slip dress and belted fanny pack and denim jacket for an evening out. But they have no problem making appearances at special events such as a bridal or baby shower.

Will you be adding these polka dot pumps to your shoe collection? Let me know in the comments below!




Shop the shoes by clicking on the image or  HERE.

Shop the shoes by clicking on the image or HERE.