A Fresh Start with Olay’s #3StepReset

Hi all,

As 2018 gets started, it’s a time to try new things, get into new routines and overall apply a reset. As part of the #3StepReset, I’ve partnered with Olay to give my skin a reset during January and February, in preparation for Fashion Month.  

For the challenge, I used three key Olay products: Olay Daily Facials, Olay Total Effects Moisturizer SPF 15 and the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel


Here’s the truth: We all wear makeup and need to cleanse in the evening so that we awaken in the morning with a fresh face. What I’ve found since I’ve been using the 3 Olay products, is that the combination of the hydrating clean wipes, the moisturizer and the eye cream leave my face fresh and smooth.

The Daily Facials wipes activate with water and easily take away your make up. I usually hate taking my make up off in the sink and have been guilty of falling asleep with it on. For that reason, I personally love to use wipes instead, as they make this step so much easier. And since they activate with water, there’s no need to worry about the pads drying up. An added bonus of the wipes is that besides for cleansing, they also exfoliate the skin.


With the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel, I’ve noticed my eyes to appear more brightened, helping me appear more alert, and ready for work! And going back to the forgetting to take off all my make up each night, as a result, I’ve noticed the development of mini bumps. However, since using the wipes and the eye cream, I’ve noticed my skin to appear more hydrated and the bumps begin to fade. This was a more gradual process, but I began seeing results within the week and have continued getting better (or so I think!) in the subsequent weeks as well.

The Total Effects Moisturizer has also been great at minimizing lines that had been beginning to develop around my mouth. Another plus is that I have found my skin to be more hydrated this month, when it tends to be much drier during this time of the year. Similar to the Hydrating Eye Gel, the results began around the first week of use, and have continued to show improvement, in particular now that I’m back in NY, with its drier air when compared to Miami. So, in short,  I’ve been very excited with how it’s working so far!


All in all, the three products have left my skin feeling much more youthful starting almost immediately – within a week- and I invite you to take the #3StepReset and let me know your results too!



This post was sponsored by Olay. Thought are my own.