Decorating The House with DESENIO

Hi all,

As I’m preparing for NYFW, I thought I’d give you quick update on the re-furnishing of my old Miami loft. This week has sort of been a soft unveiling of some of my new home pieces that I’m super excited to share with you. Today, we continue looking at some of my new art work, in collaboration with DESENIO plus, you can go shopping too with a 25% discount!


Decorating a Home

I’m a big fan of art as I feel it’s one of the final touches of turning a house into a home. It’s what adds personality, and makes your home unique.


When searching for new pieces, I was looking for a few different items: Something to set the tone of the location (Miami) and something that spoke of what I’ve learned as of late. This latter item was one of the first I found, in DESENIO’s “It’s Not What We Have” Poster, whuch contains a great – and very true – message of the importance of those that surround us, as opposed to what material objects we have. I love the clothes I have the pleasure and privilege of privieweing and wearing, but they don’t compare to the importance of being surrounded by good friends and family.

The second I found made me laugh: The Namastay in Bed poster is perfect to add near your bed because as much as we all want to be productive, sometimes all we want to do is stay in bed.


The last one that one that makes the home feel very Miami-like: The Pink Palm Poster. Few things are more Miami that palm trees and leaves, and since I live in the middle of the city, I wanted to bring some of these indoors. At first, I thought about getting the actual plant, but then landed on this poster that will be perfect for the loft.

DESENIO has other great alternatives in photography and nature pieces that I invite you to check out as well. If you feel one of these pieces wuld brighten up your home, you can get 25% off when you use code "christieferrari" right now!

But that’s not all – I’m also giving one of each of these posters away to a lucky winner! Comment below for a chance to win!

Good luck!