Hot Shoe Alert: Jimmy Choo Lolita Leather Sandal Review

Hi all, 

Today we're talking about head turners. In this first iteration of the Hot Shoe Alert, cousin to the Hot Bag Alerts you've seen here on the site, we're talking about these beautiful Jimmy Choo Lolita Sandals, available at Net-A-Porter. 


Inspired by the Iris flower, the Jimmy Choo Lolita Leather Sandals feature hand-stitched metallic purple and gold flowers that are appliquéd on green stem-like straps that wrap around your ankle and foot. The heel size is 4 inches, which is a perfect height in my book - not too short, but not too tall either. They're comfortable to wear and walk around and I had no blisters or any sort of pain following a few hours of wearing them. 

Investment Shoes

When purchasing investment shoes, it's not easy for any of us to simply say "here's the cash". We have to think if it's worth the expense. Am I going to wear it enough? Are they versatile enough? One thing I like to do is think of it a bit as cost-per-wear. Do I think I can safely wear these shoes, say twice a month? Then you're dividing the total cost of the shoe by 24. The result is how much each time would cost for you to wear the shoe. Is it worth it to you? Would you pay that number to wear head turning shoes like these? That's the question you need to ask yourself. 
These are also the type of shoes that will make your shoe section/closet, so you can feature them prominently and show them off! 


Outfits for Jimmy Choo's Sandals

Let's take a look at how you can wear these shoes for many occasions. Hopefully, this will lower your costs-per-wear once you realize how many occasions and functions these shoes can be worn to.

Jimmy Choos for Work

Want to wear these babies to work? Pair them with your favorite trousers. Go for neutral-colored wide-legged or skinny pants. If you decide to go for the wide-legged pants, pair with a fitted neutral top to balance the look. If instead, you choose the skinny pants, tuck in a fitted top and add a blazer. Alternatively, opt for a neutral-colored loose fit top. Notice we're letting the shoes shine here and pairing with neutrals. 

Fancy a jumpsuit instead? Choose a neutral-colored one from your closet, add the Jimmy Choo sandals and a blazer for a very chic professional look. The sandals also work nicely with a midi-length pencil skirt. Style by pairing with a classic white blouse and trench coat. 

Jimmy Choos for Vacation 

Yes! You can take these on your next vacation. Pair with a fun kaftan, jumpsuit or denim shorts and add a blazer for a dressed-up holiday look. 


Jimmy Choos for Date Night or Night Out. 

These are the perfect date night shoes. They have a heel, are dressy, yet classy. All you have to do is wear that classic little black dress in your closet and you're going to be leaving him/her speechless.
Go out with the girls for cocktails and pair with your favorite denim and a bodysuit and watch the heads turn as you walk by. 

Jimmy Choos for Brunch

Headed to brunch with your girls? Or doing a late lunch catch up? Try mixing and matching prints and opt to pair with a printed dress. Do stick with similar color hues to those featured on the sandals though. 

There are many occasions in which you could strap on these gorgeous Jimmy Choo Lolita sandals and make them the statement of your outfit. These are true head turning, investment shoes. 

What do you think? Could you see yourself wearing these? How would you style them? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, thank you for reading!