Clinique's Fresh Pressed 7-Day Challenge

Hi all, 

While in Miami for WMC and the Miami Open, I had the opportunity to do Clinique's 7-Day #FreshPressed Challenge in which you apply the brand's new Fresh Pressed renewing powder cleanser with 10% pure Vitamin C to brighten, purify and re-texturize the skin. Let's dive and see how you apply it and the results! 

How to use Clinique's Fresh Press Vitamin C System

The product is a powder cleanser which you apply in the morning after you wake up. First, you use the ultra fine powder, which comes in small packets and combine with water from the sink. This mixture will create a foam of sorts that you lather onto your face. You are to leave this on for about a minute or so for maximum results. Then, rinse off. Fairly simple, right? 

You can now apply the daily booster to finish the process, that can be used by simply mixing 2 drops with your favorite moisturizer (suggest Clinique moisture surge) to instantly brighten your skin’s look. This may be used twice a day, morning and night!

Clinique Fresh Pressed Results

After using it for a week, I can honestly say that it didn't dry my skin - an important item whether you're in the cold, winter months or warm, dry climates. My skin felt super nice and sensitive to the touch. It felt soft and moisturized. Also, the skin looks refreshed to other and felt more awake - even after some late-dancing-nights. 

Why use Clinique's Fresh Pressed Vitamin C System

For starters, vitamin C has anti-aging abilities which is something that all women should look for. This product is very unique because the Vitamin C contained in the packets is of the purest, freshest form, which makes it most effective when it's activated and applied on the spot. Plus, no matter what your skin type, this Vitamin C product is good for you! 

Overall, it's a simple-to-use system that leaves your skin moisturized and soft using a vitamin that you and I consume every day (hopefully), Vitamin C. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you! 

As always, thank you for reading!