A Versatile Workwear Outfit

Hi all, 

Today we're talking about versatile workwear in partnership with Lulus! So join me and let's chat about how to style an outfit for work. 

Work Doesn't Equal Boring

When we're talking about work, we tend to think of more conservative looks and outfits. But conservative and workwear doesn't have to mean boring outfits. That's one of the reasons I'm as big fan of this outfit. The other? versatility. 


That's right: This outfit is styled as two three pieces together that work well when they're together but can work equally as well as separates for other occasions. Let's de-construct the outfit and look at each piece separately. 

The White Dress

We all have the classic, little black dress in our closets. A great alternative to add is the little white dress, such as this one. Forget the "white after Labor Day" debacle. It's fake news. A fun white dress is the great piece to have in your closet. The only place where I'd recommend you not wear it as a wedding or engagement party. 

This particular white dress is from Lulus and does have a bit of a V-neck in the front in addition to a zipper slit in the back which make for a sexy dress. So while it may very well be worn out by itself at night time, you need to cover up a bit at work, most likely. And that's where the topcoat comes in: 

The Vest Topcoat

This is the piece that started this whole look. It's super chic and you would never guess how affordable it is. It works as part of this outfit, because it's the perfect over up for the sexy nature of the dress. It's perfect for work because it hits at a great length on your legs, adds chicness without going too "out-there" and keeps you warm, as most offices are cold. 


If we take it out of the work setting, you can pair it with jeans, trousers or even shorts! Simply add underneath a more fitted top and tuck it into the bottom. Its versatility allows you to wear to almost any occasion. 

The Flats

Chic. Neutral. Flats. Period! Few items in your entire closet are going to be as flexible and versatile as chic, neutral flats. They go with everything. They're comfortable. Who doesn't own a pair similar to these? But the beauty for me, is that these have a pointed toe which immediately gives the illusion of an longer leg.


As they go with everything, you can pair them with skirts, shorts and jeans. For tops, you could choose a fitted top and pair with an a-line skirt. Or alternatively, grab you go-to blouse and pair with shorts or jeans. Honestly, you can't go wrong with these flats! 

You can shop Lulus' office chic category here right now. 

Which of these pieces best fits your closet right now? Or is it all of them? Let me know in the comments below. 

And as always, thank you for reading! 




Sponsored by Lulus - styled by me :)