Mixing & Matching with TOUS

Hi all, 

We're are always on the look out for fun jewelry pieces to add to our collection right? Today's post is about a particular set that I'm very excited about from TOUS, one of my favorite jewelry companies. You might know them for their iconic bear, which I've worn in some capacity since my childhood. So let's take a look at new TOUS Mix & Match Collection

TOUS Mix & Match Collection

I am loving the new collection for its fun jewelry and accessories. You know I'm a big fan of versatility and this collection is exactly that. You can buy a chain and add whichever medallion or pendant you want allowing you... you guessed: Mix & Match depending on the occasion. For me, I combined a tiny pendant and small medallion on one chain and then added a second necklace with a larger medallion. 


Right now, you can buy a medallion, a tiny and a choker and get a chain for free. Valid only until April 15th. 

The collection is great because it has a wide range of prices which start at just $39, making it accessible for everyone, plus it has distinct male and female pieces, so you could even get something for you and your significant other as well. 

TOUS Handbag

You know I'm a big fan of handbags and when I see one with a metallic finish like this, I get excited. This one is a fun addition to any look. Of course, it's a statement purse - it's colorful, loud and an eye-catcher. The key to styling this purse to allow it and the jewelry to be the key center of attention. That means pairing it with neutrals all around. 


For this particular OOTD, I was wearing a deep v-neck (it's actually a swimsuit - talk about versatility!) so I wanted to wear a longer necklace. I've also been experimenting with layering as of late, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate two different necklaces for this look. A quick necklace tip: Make sure the when you pair two necklaces that they are of different lengths, so each one is at a different point of your body. This let's them each be seen individually and amplify the layering effect. 


What do you think TOUS' new Mix & Match Collection? How do you layer necklaces? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, thank you for reading!