Oasis Collections


Hi All,

If you've followed me for a bit, you'll see that I tend to travel between Miami, New York and DC often. When I can, I also make other trips such as this summer's Europe trip in Ibiza and Mykonos and my August Toronto trip. I've normally stayed at hotels because I wasn't fully in tune with other options. I had the opportunity to try one of those other options recently, and needless to say "WOW!"

I'm talking about Oasis Collections. For the weekend of November 6-8, I stayed in a beautiful corner unit in New York's Hell's Kitchen area. The building was luxurious and the apartment was out of this world. Having an apartment as opposed to a hotel room allowed me to entertain friends as opposed to always being on the go. I can certainly understand if it's your first time in New York, you might want to go out every night. I enjoy having friends over sometimes and Oasis allowed me to do just that. The extra space is definitely appreciated as well.

I'd say that above all, Oasis allows for a different, more local experience when traveling as it mixes the best of a boutique hotel and private home. They hand-pick their homes to ensure a certain level of style and luxury but, like a hotel, provide you with a concierge, personalized service, and perks. Oh the perks!

Through partnerships with local companies, one gets access to great experiences and items. For example, I had a personalized shopping experience at Intermix and was offered full access to a gym, which I was too lazy to try - oops! But then you get most of the services you'd expect from a hotel: maid service, toiletries (even dog shampoo), greeter at check-in to show you around, restaurant, club or lounge reservations and more!

I truly had a great in New York this last time around and where I stayed played a big part in that. Next time you travel, before booking a hotel, at least check out Oasis Collections. You might be surprised. Oasis Collection curated homes can also be found in other cities, some including Paris, London, and Miami.

As always, thanks for reading!



Top three pictures taken by @Alexandra__Wolf