Hotel Americano: A Modern Boutique Hotel in NYC


Hi all!

I recently spent some time in New York and had an amazing time. One of the main reasons? Hotel Americano. I had the pleasure of staying here for the weekend and truly enjoyed my experience. If you're thinking of visiting New York, I recommend you give this modern, boutique hotel located in Chelsea a good look. Let me give you a few of the highlights of the hotel:

The Room

I'm a huge fan of modern decor and Hotel Americano is a great example of modern. The bed sits low on the floor, and the bathroom, while not huge, is super modern and fun (shower views into the room). The room gets most of its light from a huge window located behind the bed. A click of a switch and the window is covered by a great blackout or semi blackout blinds. Your choice.


My point of view is if a hotel doesn't have a good mini bar, I'm likely not coming back. Nothing says good mini bar like not one, but two mini bottles of Moet Chandon! I thoroughly enjoyed them. In addition, I remember seeing Grey Goose, beer and Red Bull. No matter what you enjoy, you had it.

Room Service

A modern room and a mini bar are great features, but if the hotel lacks good room service, then... I usually reconsider. The breakfast, snack and meal menus are divided by geography or culture. French, Caribbean, Latin, American, Japanese, etc. or by lifestyle - Healthy, etc. What you see in the above picture is an example of the French and Healthy breakfasts.

Rooftop Pool.

Do I need to say more? Well, sure I do, but a rooftop pool is a great feature, in particular during the summer months.

La Piscine Resturant & Bar.

Okay, so you're coming to New York and it's not summer. You might not be interested in the pool. How does a rooftop restaurant/happy hour bar sound then? Whether you visit in the Spring or Fall, La Piscine had a good selection of cocktails and food. The best part about it? The view. I took a walk around as you can see from one of the pictures above and you have a clear sight of the entire Manhattan skyline with a direct view of the Empire State building.

The hotel also featured another restaurant on the lobby level that served full dinner or breakfast/brunch. I wasn't able to try it much, except for a quick coffee as you can see in the images above. I can tell you though that it was packed on Saturday night, so it must be good!

I enjoyed my stay here and as I mentioned above, and I do recommend you stay here during your next New York trip.

As always, thanks for reading!