6 Tips to Look Expensive While on a Budget

Hi all,

Excited to be back with a new blog post today and we’re talking about tips to help you look expensive, even on a budget. We’re talking both: pre-purchase and post-purchase. that is, how do we pick items that look expensive and fancy? How do we style those items? Let’s jump right in on tips to look expensive on a budget!


6 Tips to look expensive

It of course would be amazing to spend an unlimited amount of money in clothes. You could get everything you wanted, whenever you wanted it. But the truth is that life doesn’t work that way for most people. So we have to be mindful of those purchases we do make.

On to the tips:

  • Pay attention to the fit of the clothes.

    • It can be tempting to buy something you find cute, but does it fit right? Just because something is cute, doesn’t mean it’ll fit your body right. Look for pieces that fit YOU, not me, or the model on the ad, well.

    • If you decide to buy into a piece that is super cute that is a bit big on you, invest in a good tailor.

    • If something is too small, then move on and look for something that fits right.

  • Pay attention to the fabric.

    • Look for linen, faux suede and cotton.

    • Avoid rayon or acrylic.

    • Test out polyester - it can look great, or cheap depending on the piece.

    • For denim, look for thicker fabrics, 98% cotton and skip stretch unless pregnant.

  • Pay attention to the finishes.

    • For shoes, look for dull hardware and avoid shiny hardware, studs, buckles and exposed zippers.

    • Watch out for fabrics that could be see-through.

  • Quality > Quantity

    • Invest in quality pieces as opposed to many cheaper things.

      • Look for classics and neutrals.

      • Avoid trendy, loud colors

  • Balance the look - either/or rule.

    • Remember to only leave one area of your body exposed. If you opt for a short skirt, don’t show off too much cleavage or stomach.

    • If you opt to show some cleavage, stomach or arms, don’t wear a super short skirt, or shorts.

  • Steam your clothes!

    • This is an easy one: get a good steamer!


Which one of these do you already practice? And which one will you be adding?

Let me know in the comments below!