Psychology Behind Fashion: Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell is known for luxury and timeless pieces for the woman that wants to be sophisticated, powerful, and beautiful when she wears them.

Brandon mentioned that last season was about celebrating where he came from, whereas, this season is about resolving where he is. He explains his inspiration for the 2019 Fall Winter collection is whimsy nostalgia. Brandon grew an appreciation for women who have transformed an “ugly and brutal reality” into something “substantial and beautiful.” He wanted the collection to be representative of that and for clothes to act like armor against physical and spiritual elements.


It is no accident then that the show kicked off with the color black, which we’ve spoken in the past as acting as emotional armor for the wearer. He then proceeded to incorporate sharp tailoring, capes and funnel necks – all pieces that cover the body substantially, which can equate to wanting additional protection.

From a nostalgia perspective, Brandon wanted silhouettes to be fantastical. We saw this through the feminine and exuberant a-line gowns and skirts and through the color story as well. The show began with

a lot of black – a lot of armor - but then transitioned into black and white, and eventually into all-white looks. But it is the final look that really spoke volumes: a gorgeous – and fantastical - pink gown that capped the journey he was taking us on. From women needing the armor, to the modern woman: one who is confident to do as she pleases and be fabulous while at it.