Fashion Behind Psychology: Rebecca Minkoff Spring / Summer 2019

Rebecca Minkoff is known for her line of fun, youthful, contemporary, and very wearable pieces.

Unlike most designers who were showcasing their upcoming Fall/Winter collections, Rebecca Minkoff’s show featured her Spring and Summer 2019 collection, which most of it is ready to shop right now (summer is launching soon).

The collection draws inspiration from the Ibiza of the 60s and 70s, a time in which artists, musicians and wanderers alike flocked to the island for its no rules, “anything goes” attitude towards life – similar to the island of today, though it has lost some of it along the way. This carefree, laissez faire attitude sprung the optimism, the happiness that the collection aspires to create – and succeeds.


And it does so mainly through beautiful florals, a print that is both happy and fresh, as they feature in a majority of the pieces in the collection. The color story showcases some gorgeous pastel pink colors, which are both youthful and romantic and the color yellow, another color known for its effect on happiness and optimism features as well.

Rebecca Minkoff’s I AM MANY campaign, which showcases the many hats women have to wear on a daily basis, and the clothes they need to take on those tasks, is also well represented throughout the collection with the balance of feminine and masculine elements. For example, we see cinched waists by way of belts contrasted with strong shoulders, or the pairing of floral designs with black pieces or details.

The result is a youthful, optimistic, and happy collection for spring and summer for the everyday woman who wears many hats and roles.