Bioré Pore Strips & Shay Mitchell?

Hi all,

I recently had the opportunity to attend a super fun event with Bioré Skincare in support of the launch of their Limited Edition Tie Dye Pore Strips, and a campaign in collaboration with GirlUp, a charity that helps empower young girls. The event was held at Flywheel sports in NYC and was hosted by the one and only Shay Mitchell, Bioré Brand Ambassador and spokesperson for this new campaign. This was the second time I’ve had the opportunity to chat and hang out with her and she’s amazing and incredibly sweet. Plus, it was my first time doing flywheel and I was nervous as to whether I’d make it to the end. Good news, though: I made it (let’s not count the few stops here and there…). I’m excited to share some images below and tell you more about Bioré’s new, fun pore strips.

Bioré Pore Strips

These amazing pore strips help you get rid of all the dirt, oil and blackheads we all have. The new Limited Edition Tie Dye Pore Strip design is fun and colorful too. Here are some tips on how to use:

-          Only place the pore strip on your nose after having washed your face clean and your nose is wet. The strip won’t stick to a dry nose!

-          Next up, let it dry for 10-15 minutes while you check Instagram, or watch some TV.

-          Carefully and slowly peel it off and see how much dirt has been removed.

Biore Pore Strips

Pretty simple, right? Check out the images and do let me know if you’ve use them or plan on using them soon!

As always, thank you for reading!