Styling Sneakers For All Occasions

Hi all,

Today we're talking about how to style sneakers for street style. Of course, we all wear sneakers to the gym or when we go out for a run. But as of late, and in particular with the athleisure trend going strong, we're now styling sneakers for many outfits - dressed up, dressed down, for errands, for the weekend, etc. Here, I grabbed my new pair of Pumas from DSW and decided to style them two different ways. So what are some tips for styling sneakers? Let's take a look:

Styling Sneakers For Errands

Styling for errands is probably the easiest because what we look for - aside from looking chic, of course - is comfort. Whether you're literally walking or running around or driving, you want to look good, but be comfortable as well. Styling sneakers for errands is easy: pair with your go-to denim (like the ones I'm wearing). For the top, it might depend a bit on where you're off to. You could simply do a T Shirt or opt for a silk blouse like the one I'm wearing here.

When searching for a bag to pair with this outfit, look into large totes or backpacks.

Styling Sneakers for a Weekend Brunch

Something I like to do for weekend brunch is pair my sneakers with a cute dress, like I do here in the pictures (similar dress here). I'm a fan of maxi dresses, and when you're pairing them with sneakers, be sure to look for those that hit above the ankle so you can actually see your ankle.

since this is a day-time outfit for the most part, look for medium-sized totes and handbags to finish off the look.

Styling Sneakers for Fashion Week

I know what you're thinking: Christie, I don't really go to Fashion Week, this doesn't help. But you might go to an art-inspired function or event in your town. Perhaps an occasion that will welcome a bit... out-there creative styling. The key here is to ensure to are showing off those ankles. For example, you could try something fun by pairing the sneakers with a silk dress that hits at the ankle, similar to the weekend brunch above. Alternatively, grab that mini skirt you have in your closet, and pair with a fun T tied in a knot in the front in the Summer, or look into a gray sweatshirt for the Fall & Winter. Lastly, and in particular if we're going for a dressier look, how about a matching pant suit?

There are tons of ways to have fun with sneakers and pairing them with everything you have in your closet depending on the occasion or the event, so be sure to have fun!

How do you style your sneakers? Let me know in the comments below and share a picture too!

As always, thank you for reading!