Viva Cuba (Libre) Outfit

Hi all,

Today's post is not necessarily about physical travel but more so about heritage and where my family has traveled from. We'll talk a bit about my background, my ancestry and, of course, the outfit, as always! So hopefully you'll learn something new about me and maybe inspire you to share or find out more about yourself too!

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Viva Cuba!

I was born and raised in Miami, but did you know I'm actually a first generation American? That's right, my parents immigrated to Miami in the 1960s. My mom was born in Cuba of Cuban parents while my dad was raised in Madrid, Spain.

Miami doesn't create any mixed feelings - it's mostly all positive. Miami is home to me, and I love visiting every time. But Cuba does raise mixed feelings. I'd love to visit, in particular now that it's possible (well, who knows what's going to happen now but...). I've been very much into finding out where I'm from and where my family has come from. So I'd love the opportunity to visit Cuba and see where my mom was born. But while many are in love with Cuba, I was raised different. You see, my mom had almost everything she owned, including her house taken away from her by the government when she was young, which is what precipitated her move to the US. The island doesn't provide for the freedoms that you and I are used to and I wonder too: with the newly-created tourism industry, how much of our money goes to the people and how much to the government who has taken so much away from the people? It's tough - some Cubans have no problem going back. Others would never do it. I fall somewhere in the middle.

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My parents also recently did their ancestry test and traced most of my background from Italy/Greece & Spain. Not entirely unexpected. I wonder if that's why I like visiting Ibiza and Italy so often :).

Viva Cuba Outfit

This one is such a simple, yet cute outfit for Summer. Of course, I love this Viva Cuba shirt from Luli Fama. Unfortunately, as of this writing, I can't find it being sold anywhere. Something I've done quite a bit lately is tie a knot in the front for Summer. It immediately makes a simple outfit a bit extra cute. For this outfit, I opted for my current go-to high-waisted denim from GRLFRND. I'm living in these as of late.

For accessories, I grabbed this bucket bag from Ximena Kavalekas. You know I'm a bit fan of hers and am happy to call her a friend too. You can find her range of handbags at Bergdorfs. For shoes, I looked for a nice pair of black sandals to go with the bag, and opted for these from Schutz shoes.

What's your background? Are you interested in finding out where your ancestors are from? Look forward to reading your comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!