Hot Trend Alert: Round & Circle Bags

Hi all, 

One of the biggest Summer trends I keep seeing is the explosion of circle and round bags. Of course circle bags have been around, but you keep seeing more incredible designs as of late so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the trend and provide you with a small selection on bags in case you're thinking of surfing this trend wave. 

Round & Circle Bags

Round & circle bags are unique and fun and perfect for summer. Their unique shape provides an alternative option to the bucket, square or totes we all have in our closets. The inside of most bags I've seen is not limited to a square, but actually follows the circle silhouette. While the items you're carrying might sink to the bottom, the bag is created in such a way to ensure the circle doesn't become an oval. I've been experimenting with a few and have been loving them so far! 

Here are a few options should you be interested in securing your first (our next) round or circle bag: 


Round & Circle Bags Under $150

Round & Circle Bags Under $300

Round & Circle Bags to Splurge On