Crop Tops - A Summer Favorite of Mine

Hi all,

Today, we're talking about crop tops, one of my favorite Summer items. Both NY & Miami can get rather hot in the Summer, so the right crop top can make all the difference. We'll discuss the one I'm wearing from Faithfull The Brand, and then look at a few other options to consider whether you want to show off your mid drift or keep it hidden and how to style them!  

Red Ziggy Top

The set I'm wearing on the images is from one of my favorites: Faithfull The Brand and is super comfortable. Of course the set works great together, but the beauty id that you can also wear the top and the skirt as separates as well. 


How to Style Crop Tops

If you want to hide your mid drift but still wear the crop top. Opt for high waisted bottoms, like a high waisted skirt, pair of shorts or pants/denim. Wearing high waisted also keeps the look a bit... "classier" in part because you're not showing off your midrift. But, the right occasion can call for showing off the mid rift, so let's take a look at how to style it.


Of course, we've all worn crop tops and they're easy to style with denim or denim shorts. However, try to keep one important tip in mind: leave only one body part exposed. So if you have your shoulders or stomach exposed than cover on the bottom. You can, however, have both legs and stomach exposed but I'd say keep that when in more casual settings and at the beach. 


Crop tops are, in essence, more casual in nature. So we want to keep the mostly at the beach or to a casual outing around town. But you can also dress them up while still looking chic and not cheap and a properly styled, dressed-up crop top can look great. So, to dress it up, try wearing with a matching skirt, similar to what I do here. If you don't have the matching set, try instead pairing with wide-legged, high-waisted trousers to show minimal stomach. 

As always, thank you for reading and do let me know which one your favorite is, plus how YOU style crop tops in the comments below!



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