Summer Tops You Need!

Hi all,

Some of us might be feeling the warmth of Summer approaching, others are still getting days that require a jacket. but regardless of your present, that doesn't stop us from planning for the Summer! We're spoken about sunnies, cover ups and swim suits. Today, we're looking at a selection of tops for Summer that promise to be comfortable both in the heat and for your wallet. I've curated a short list of tops that go from less than $20 to around $150 to guarantee you'll find something regardless of your budget!

Summer Tops

Summer tops are must-haves for the closet as they transition perfectly from errands, to pool parties and always leave our tan lines in good standing. Additionally, as you'll see below, many of these are super versatile - from a fun tee, to an exposed-shoulder crop top. They can be worn with denim shorts, jeans, crochet shorts and more.

For the look you see above, I started with this super cute rainbow top and added complementing elements such as the shorts and belt. This is what I wore on my way to Coachella, so it was the perfect hot, travel look. Perfect for the desert and your next pool party!

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