Easy Leggings Looks + C's Picks

Hi all!

Let me ask you a question: Are you tired of denim? I don't mean like "never wear denim again", but more along the lines of tired of wearing denim every day. That's right! It's Winter and you have to cover up or freeze. I tend to gravitate towards my go-to denim. Who doesn't? But there's an alternative: Leggings! I know, rocket science, right? But today we're ditching denim and talking all about leggings. When it comes to leggings, you can go for regular leggings or faux leather leggings - both are great and easy.  

However, while the key is to look effortless you still want to look like you put some thought behind your look. Here are three easy leggings outfit combos:

Easy  Leggings Outfit #1:

Blazer+ tee + leggings + thigh highs.

I love this combo. You go for your favorite blazer - this is going to make you look sharp and well put together, though you have to make sure it hits at your thighs. A fun tee, your leggings and you've got an effortless look made. Finish it off with thigh high boots and voila! For day time, you might want to swap the thigh highs. Riding boots would be a great alternative.

Easy Leggings Outfit #2:

Sweater + leggings + thigh highs, riding boots, or sneakers.

So here we're not talking just any sweater. Go into your closet and grab a chunky, oversized sweater and pair it with your leggings. And... that's it. For shoes, you have choices: Sneakers will be perfect for day time errands as would riding boots. For a bit of legs, go for thigh-high boots.

Easy Leggings Outfit #3:

Sweater +  button-down shirt + booties

Unlike the above, we're looking here for a cropped sweater. Why? Well, we're going to go with an oversized chambray or neutral button-down shirt that covers your bum at least. Finish it off with ankle booties and you've got yourself another effortless legging outfit.

Ok, so now you want to try an easy leggings look? All you need is a pair of leggings. Here are my picks: