Never Give Up Blazer + How To Style With Ripped Jeans

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by! Today's post is all about this beautiful blazer from Storets that has such a profound and important message and how to style this one and any similar long blazer with ripped jeans.

Never Give Up Blazer

I fell in love with this long blazer from Storets as soon as I saw it! I imagine many of you reading this can relate to the message on the back too. "Never Give Up" is an important message for any point in your life I feel. Whether in high school, college or as a professional, it's important to never give up on your dreams.

Aside from the great inspirational message, the blazer fits great. I love long blazers like this one, because they are great at hiding your hips and at creating a straighter silhouette giving the appearance of a thinner look. I paired it with a simple, white tank for an all-white look which in the case with this outfit, allows the message and the bag to pop.

Ripped Jeans

Let's talk about ripped jeans now because they are one of the biggest trends of 2016 so far and a wardrobe staple you need now. I particularly love these white ones from Floating Style with summer just around the corner - although if you know me, I wear white all year round!

Ripped jeans are also a quick way of giving any look a nice edgy feel. You've seen by now the blue ripped jeans that I have worn - a lot - as of late. If you don't yet have one of these, be sure to get one now for summer!

Elevating The Look

Sure, there's the "Homeless Chic" style, but ripped jeans can and should be worn for many occasions. But sometimes, in order to do that, you need to elevate the look. But how? A great way to elevate your day time look is to add a great third statement piece. This could be a great investment bag, piece of jewelry, or shoe.

How to Style Ripped Jeans

There are many ways, but let's look at a few on-trend options:

For a classic casual look, consider pairing with a neutral colored tee, denim jacket or bomber on top and flatform. Add an every-day bag, and you're set for errands, and any day-time activities.

Going for the 90s look? Pair with a strappy sandal and a neutral-colored crop top, leaving the statement piece being your accessories. 

Not into the 90s, but looking to go out for a drink? Try pairing ripped jeans with an off the shoulder loose blouse or a tight fitted tank and great blazer, like I do above.

As always, thanks for reading!