Super flares + Bell Sleeves

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! Today we're talking about the 70's! The trends that accompany the decade are still in this year and that means super flares.

Why should you wear flares?

Flares are great at giving the illusion of super long legs. Some of the pictures above will give you a good idea of how you can elongate your legs and look taller by wearing the right flares. In addition to making you look taller, they also are great at making your legs look skinny!

What to wear with Flared pants?

These pants are super versatile and can be worn with anything - think a neutral colored t-shirt, jean jacket, and choker and you're ready for brunch. Or perhaps consider pairing with wedges and a crop top and you're festival ready! For today's outfit, I chose to pair these beautiful SFW flared pants with a deep v top. The two colors looked great and the combination of the pants and shirt was perfect. 

I know what you're thinking: Flared pants and bell sleeves? Christie, have you lost it? Nope! It's all about the 70s with this outfit and these two trends can be paired together. If you're going to do it, be sure that both the pants and top are fitted. Otherwise, the exaggerated flares and sleeves will get you lost in the clothes.

The top is also from SFW and its deep V helps draw the eyes down and gives the appearance of a taller and leaner figure. See how do the two pieces complement each other? Together, they help elongate and lean out the figure. 

But no outfit is complete without jewelry, right? For this one, and because I was wearing black and rust, I went with gold. This gold choker and rings are from Liza Echeverry. Chokers are also another key item this season. The gold also helps glam up the outfit immediately and was the perfect touch to finish it off.

As always, thanks for reading!