Monochrome Dress with Fringe


Hi all,

I know... I know... - Christie, you're last post was a monochromatic look and so is this one! Well, what can I say? I like monochrome :)

Plus, this one is very different from the other one. Today's post is all about this dress from Elliatt. Who doesn't love a little bit of fringe? This monochrome dress has mini fringe detailing for a unique twist. It really is a dress for any season.

But how should you style it? The answer is: It depends. Let's take a look:

For Spring and Summer, you probably want to bare the legs and arms. It's hot outside, right? No need to cover up! Add a pointy toe shoe, while I would pick a neutral, the dress lends itself to share the spotlight with a red pair of shoes as well. But remember: One pop of color. Don't over do it.

For Winter and Fall, you can layer with a neutral turtleneck - we're talking white, black, beige, navy, etc. Add your go-to over-the-knee boots or booties and add some leggings. To finish off - for Winter in particular - add a coat.

Monochrome looks work great with black or white accessories. But you can also add beige or brown, as I do here. This beautiful clutch, for example, is a great choice to complement the dress and is from Tous.

What do you pair your monochrome looks with?

As always, thank you for reading!