Monochromatic Look


Hi all,

Happy whatever-day-you're-reading-this! It's a Wednesday in April as I write this and it's still cold outside in the north.

Today's post is all about this monochrome look that is super easy to put together and is perfect for work, errands and weekends. It's a classic, yet a bit edgy uniform look. Plus, it's made up of some staples that we all should have in our closets. So if you don't, perhaps it's time! Let's dive in:

The root of this outfit is built on basics - black leggings and a white baggy v-neck. Because it'sa bit chilly, and to also dress the look up a bit, I added an oversized white blazer. Double positive here as the long blazer covers my bottom, which is a must any time you wear leggings - some can be see-through and very revealing!

For shoes, I knew I wanted to keep the look monochromatic, so I went with black and who doesn't have a pair of ankle booties? If you don't, invest in them now! These are from Sam Edelman and super comfortable.

Lastly, I switched to the accessories. For today, I grabbed this beautiful Rue Gembon strand necklace that I felt complemented the outfit well.

Now, go into your closet and make sure you have these simple items that can be worn across the board with anything, or together like I do above. If you're missing anything, check out the links above.

As always, thank you for reading!



Pictures by @simplylively