American Street Style


Hi all!

This year, I had the pleasure - and luck - to partner with Lacoste and attend the Miami Tennis Open in Key Biscayne, Florida and it was a great experience. I hope you were able to follow along on Snapchat as I attended the game and visited SoHo House for a fun after party.

I've been a big fan of Lacoste forever. Not only do I own several classic shirts featuring the famous crocodile, I also have several dresses and skirts. If you recall, I also attended the NYFW show last September as well.

Today's post though is about this beautiful, colorful outfit from Lacoste. I fell in love with the skirt and wanted to make it the centerpiece of an outfit. Only to then run into the top and it was a done deal! This more high fashion street style outfit looks great on its own and doesn't even have to be worn together - that's the beauty of it. It's super versatile and fun!

I completed the outfit with this fabulous red Lacoste clutch which I found to be very unique. First, the jumbo size caught my eye, and the color is perfect for almost any occasion. One of the most interesting things about this clutch is the handle. There are three ways to hold this purse. One is to hold it as I do in the pics - from the bottom. You also have the wristlet, which is large enough to put your hand in. Last, but not least is the handle located in the middle of the purse - oh yes, that's a handle, right below the crocodile!

For shoes, I selected a great pair of strappy nude sandals. They look great and are super comfortable and the underlying reason for picking them is simple: The outfit is very colorful, so I knew I needed to keep the shoes to a more neutral color and these were the perfect choice.

As always, thank you for reading!