How To Style a Ring and Arm Party


Hi all,

Outfits are not just about the clothes you're wearing. You can make quite the statement with the right jewelry, and an ever stronger one with the right combination of jewelry.

That's why for today's post, I'm sharing tips on how to style what we call a "ring" and "arm" party - without looking overwhelming - and I'll be featuring beatuiful accessories from TOUS. This jewelry brand is well known for their signature bear jewelry but also feature other designs (check out here). Truth be told: I've been wearing TOUS since I was a little girl so choosing them to feature in my ring and arm party was a no-brainer. 

First, let's chat about a ring party:

In case it wasn't clear, this involves wearing several rings on one or two hands. There are only so many fingers, so when doing a ring party, you have to be very careful with the rings you choose. Keep them very delicate and dainty. What you want to do is avoid rings that are super think or super busy - those are meant to be worn alone!

For my selection, I kept TOUS' iconic bear on every piece but if you notice I mixed metals up a bit. You can totally do this! I have silver, white gold and gold all in one hand, but it still works. Why? The TOUS rings are thin and simple, yet elegant and stylish. Another tip: If you wear more than 1 ring on a finger, be sure to go thinner as you go further down the finger. In other words, the closer you get to the nail, the thinner the ring should be.

Keep in mind that what you wear for your arm party affects your ring party!

You may ask: How so?

You'll notice with the TOUS example above how the bracelets are chunky and big. Hence, the rings couldn't be huge and loud. Same applies vice versa - if you have at statement ring or ring party, keep the arm party a bit more toned down.

How to put together an arm party? One way, as I do here, is to bring several pieces from one same brand and design. Here, I picked three pieces that looked identical, except they feature different metals. However, there's something that should always bring them together - in this case, the iconic TOUS bear. Start by doing this until you get comfortable enough to mix and match brands, but always be careful not to be too loud!

How do you style your parties? Let us know in the comments!

As always, thank you for reading.