How To Get Your Hands on an Hermes Bag

Hi all,

Everyone would like to have an Hermes bag one day, right? Well, of course you can line up and get on the list for one at an Hermes store, but there's another way.  That's right, today we're talking about second hand luxury goods!

If you know me,  I mix high end and high street. One way to add the "high end" and elevate a look is through an investment handbag. I recognize that some handbags are not cheap. But, good, quality handbags are what I call "investments". They will last for a very long time. I have had some bags for over 20 years and are in great condition. For example, someone asked me the other day if this Louis Vuitton backpack is vintage and the truth is, I've owned it since I was young and it still looks great. You just have to take good care of them.

But, back to how to get your own Hermes bag like this one, for a fraction of the cost. We're talking second-hand goods, and in particular today, Vestiare Collective, which helps make luxury goods more affordable. Every piece goes through an authentication process to ensure its quality and authenticity. From bags to shoes to jewelry to clothing. I have personally always had my eye on an Hermes Jige clutch and was able to come across one through Vestiare Collective without having to be on a wait list or pay huge amounts of money. This one goes for between $3000 and $4000 in retail and I was able to get my hands on one for less than half.

You can check out many other bags and brands as well! Perhaps it's time to give yourself that special gift or hint at it to your significant other!

As always, thanks for reading!