Monochrome Look with Black Leather Leggings

Hi all,

I'm a big fan of an all-black or monochrome look. Why? Well, for starters it creates a leaner, taller figure as it draws the eye up and down, instead of sideways. But also because it's great canvas to have fun with. Let's take a quick look today at why this outfit works and where to wear it!

Black Leather Pants + Black Sweater

First, we begin with the look itself. I'm a huge fan of these black leather tights, and they are actually vegan, which makes it a double win. To style them, I recommend any oversized knit. In your closet, look for a black sweater (as we're keeping this monochrome) that hits at the thigh. I feel wearing the oversized knit will balance the look without looking like cat woman ;).

This sweater is a great choice not only due to its length but also because of the detailing on the sleeves. This isn't your typical black sweater! To finish the look, I went with a great pair of black booties - which is something every woman should have in their shoe closet by the way.

As mentioned before, the all-black or monochrome look really allows you to have some fun with accessories and I did just that by picking this soft, fluffy pink purse! Did you know the string can be tucked in in the bag and worn as a clutch? Now you do! It also comes in red, burgundy, blue and black. I thought it added the right amount of feminism to this very NYC-friendly look. If you're not a huge fan of the fluffy purse, any pop of color will work nicely!

Where to Wear This Look?

I'd reserve this look for a night out with the girls, a chic brunch, or date night! Why? The very tight, form-fitted leggings are not on the conservative side - so likely not a good workwear option. :)

You can wear this sweater to work however, just make sure to style with a straight legged trouser in black, nude, or white!

As always, thank you for reading!