Leather Sandals For Under $100


Hi all,

For today's post, we're talking about the perfect leather sandals that are under 100 dollars, in fact just $75! No, I'm serious!

I love these new Riudavets leather sandals. Having originated in Menorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean and close to Ibiza and Mallorca, I feel they make the perfect affordable, every-day, versatile sandal. I haven't visited Menorca - yet - but definitely hope to be able to soon!

Back to the sandal though: They are very versatile. Thanks to how easy they are to slip on or off, they are great for traveling and the airport. Headed to the beach? Just pair them with your swimsuit and cover up! While they do have an every-day nature to them, they are chic enough to be worn as part of a more dressed up look. For example, consider a midi skirt plus a tucked in blouse if you're headed to work or happy hour or pair them with a midi length dress for a casual date!

And they come in several colors. Here, I chose the bronze to go out to brunch and walking around town, and selected the navy pair to go with an off-the-shoulder blouse for a more dressed up casual look. These are the type of shoes that you could own several colors of and would look great on almost any look, any day.

Check them out HERE !

As always, thank you for reading!