How To Style a Midi Skirt



Today I'm talking about how to style the midi skirt. By technicality, it is a three quarter length skirt and can be fuller or an a-line silhouette or a pencil skirt.

I love midi skirts. They are so versatile! Whether you want to wear one for work or for happy hour, it's something everyone should have in their closet. One of the things that can be tough about a midi skirt is how to style it. Keep in mind that as I write this, it's winter here so some of the tips will pertain to colder temperatures. Let's take a look:

So you've decided today's outfit is going to feature your new/favorite midi skirt. Great choice! When searching for what to pair it with for work, I recommend tights for warmth and a long cozy knit. This will keep you warm all day while still looking and feeling great! For your feet, consider ankle booties or pumps.  If you have a fuller a-line skirt, watch out when pairing it with long chunky sweaters as there's a risk of getting lost in it and being seen as swimming in clothes.

It's important to accentuate your waist with midi skirts. My suggestions for doing so are as follows: Consider putting a belt around your cardigan. This will "break" the long cardigan and show the location of your waist. If not wearing something super long, just tuck it in!

So work is over and now it's time to go out and play. Depending on the weather, you can throw a cool tee and tuck it in or grab your favorite bomber jacket and wear it on top. The midi skirt is a great piece to go out in, particularly with work colleagues or girlfriends because it can be very flattering without showing too much.

Next up accessories and shoes. It's simple really for a midi skirt: There's a lot going on with the knit and the skirt, so when it comes to accessories, it's best to keep it small and go for a clutch or small handbag. For shoes, as I mentioned above the booties or pumps are your go-to. If you're of shorter stature - like me! -, you can still wear midi skirts, but be sure to pair with pointed pumps to help elongate your leg. That means avoid round toe pumps and this skirt, as it will only make you look shorter.

If you're lucky to live in warmer climates - I was in Miami when I wore today's outfit - there's no need for tights, so bare your legs and go for a lighter top such as a blouse or button down shirt. If your office is as cold as most, then consider a very thin sweater.

If you're purchasing a new midi skirt, it's important to stick to seasonal colors. Since it's winter now, here are Pantone's list of color trends: stormy weather (gray), dried herb (olive green), biscay bay (teal), cashmere rose (soft pink), reflecting pond (dark blue), oak buff (dark yellow), marsala (burgundy), cadmium orange (deep orange), desert sage (green + gray shade), and amethyst orchid, black, red, silver, white, powdery pastels (baby blue, pastel yellow, lilac, and baby pink), browns, and bold colors.

See below for some of my favorite styles:

You're now all set to rock your new or favorite midi skirt to work and around town!

Do you own midi skirts? How do you style them? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading.