2019 Miami Open with Lacoste

Hi all,

I’ve had the great opportunity to partner with Lacoste and attend the Miami Open for several years now. You can look at past recaps here. This year was different though as the Miami Open left Key Biscayne for a new home at the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami Gardens, the home of the NFL Miami Dolphins. So without further delay, let’s take a look at the recap of my 2019 Miami Open with Lacoste!


2019 Miami Open Recap

I arrived at the Miami Open and was greeted by a bit of rain. No worries I thought! It’ll pass, like rain always does in the Miami area. And it sure did! This year Cam Lickle, a WOW - Wilander of Wheels- coach alongside Mats Wilander, former No.1 Player in the world, took us under his wing for about an hour of tennis. And was it a fun, yet sweaty hour!


After 2 hours of exercising and playing tennis, we were invited to Lacoste’s own suite at the open - a perfectly situated, mid-court home. There, we awaited one of the women’s semi finals to begin!

2019 Miami Open Lacoste Outfit

For my outfit, I knew I wanted to be comfortable, yet chic. So I opted for this top and skirt black combo from Lacoste. Is this the perfect tennis outfit, or what? My shoes are also from Lacoste, and these will see a lot of use in the city, as who doesn’t need a good pair of white low-rise sneakers?


You can see the full experience from 2019 Miami Open with Lin the video below!