Best Instagram Spots in Miami

Hi all, 

As I've had the opportunity to spend more time in Miami and take more pictures there, I've found some well known locations as well as some hidden gems that you might want to take check out. These are the best Instagram spots to take pictures at in Miami and the surrounding areas. Whether you're hoping to get a picture for your Instagram, or you're planning your engagement shoot, this list should help get you the best picture in Miami!

Miami Beach

Gold Mammoth at the Faena

I've visited the golden mammoth several times at the Faena hotel, both for events, and to just have a drink and take a picture. Located close to 32nd and Collins, it's either a great place to stay or a very short cab ride away from most of the rest of the hotels you'd likely stay at. The mammoth is a great statement to add to your picture and one that will get you extra likes. 


Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive, similar to perhaps Times Square in NY, is one of the top tourist spot in Miami and one that locals usually avoid. But it's a must see - the street is lined with art-deco buildings that house fun cafes and restaurants and the beach is right there. You'll even find these antique cars every now and then which make for the perfect prop!


Delano Hotel

If you're looking for the perfect pool image, the Delano is a great choice. The hotel features a shallow end with a chair and table and if taken low and facing the hotel (like below), you get the hotel and palm trees in the background. Do note, however, that you must be a guest to access the pool. But hey, I usually choose the hotel for the pictures more than anything else!


The Beach

This one might seem like a "duh, Christie". But sometimes when we think of locations, we skip the easy ones. The beach in Miami is likely one of the better beaches in the US and there are several pictures to get in the water, on the sand, etc. 



Vizcaya Museum and Garden

Vizcaya is one of those locations that maybe all locals know well but those visiting might not. Vizcaya is an old mansion converted into a museum with a gorgeous garden. I guess you can call it Miami's Versailles. While they won't allow you to take pictures inside, the gardens have several great photo opps. Important to note, however, is that while you can take pictures with your iPhone for free, if you bring a photographer with equipment, you might need to pay a fee. I visited recently and took these pictures, to give you an idea of the locations. 


Frost Museum of Science

Located in downtown Miami, the new-ish Frost Museum of Science offers great photo opps as well. I'd recommend going there during the week if you can, simply because it gets extra busy on the weekend and getting a good shot might be tough. The museum features this amazing  3-level aquarium that houses everything from gulf-stream sharks to coral. You'll have to buy a ticket though and can't use flash photography (poor sharks!)



The Everglades are located around 20-30 minutes outside of Miami downtown and the Beach, but the experience is totally worth the drive. Not only is it super fun regardless of photos, the photo opps are amazing! I visited "Everglades Safari Park", where they'll you to find tons of Alligators, and many will get close to your airboat, too! The airboat also makes for a fun picture as well. Keep in mind again, there's a cost to riding the airboat and you can also do it in a private setting - better for pictures. If you can, ask for "The Patriot" airboat! PS: The picture below was taken with two alligator handlers next to me, just off camera. Don't try this alone :) 

Photo May 02, 2 37 51 PM.jpg

Have you tried these locations? Do you have more to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!