Trip in Review: Ibiza

Hi all,

They do say "better late than never", right? Today, I wanted to talk about my recent trip to Ibiza, the places I visited, the parties I attended and, of course, the outfits I wore. You can also see my previous Ibiza recaps as well, if you want more information.  So let's talk Ibiza Summer 2017, shall we?

Ibiza 2017

This was my third time visiting Ibiza, known as the White Isle in the Mediterranean. For those unfamiliar, Ibiza is a an island off the coast of Spain that is very popular in the Summer both for its beaches as well as its parties. Through the island, one can find some the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and the beach clubs and clubs on the island host some of the biggest DJs and entertainers in the world making it for a super fun double-edged sword of relax and fun!

Beach Clubs in Ibiza

This year, I had the opportunity to visit a few day-time beach clubs - is there anything better than day partying under the sun? Our first stop was at Blue Marlin Ibiza, a great spot for lunch (don't arrive before 2pm), tanning in beach beds with music and ending the evening with a fun party (Sundays especially). Blue Marlin is very chic, so I knew I wanted to wear a cute sleeveless dress. Plus, it made for the perfect lunch outfit. This one can be worn for both day and night - just adjust the shoes depending on the occasion. Do stop here if you get a chance.

Next up, I visited Amante Beach Club for the first time. I had heard about it, but hadn't made the trip because it's a bit further away from where we usually stay. But my... sooo worth it! Amante is a bit fancier in nature and has a gorgeous beach to enjoy, as well as great beds with music. The restaurant itself was very yummy too, so I'd absolutely recommend you visit next time you're on the island. For the outfit, I went with one of my new favorites: Sinesia Karol for the belted cover up. I paired it with this beautiful one-piece from Lioness Swim.

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The last beach club I visited was Cotton Beach Club, which also features a great beach for you to jump in, and then enjoy a yummy lunch. This one was a bit more relaxed in nature, so I opted for a casual glam look. I needed something that would be easy to be worn as a cover up but still nice enough to be worn to a restaurant. In came a great pair of denim shorts which I then dressed up with a colorful and gorgeous top from M Missoni. Finally, I went with one of my recent go-to bags: the beach Birkin with Hermes sandals. I’m a big fan of these sandals. While initially they can be seen as expensive, I swear they’re worth the investment. I’ve had these for almost 3 years now and they are still in great shape. They’ll last quite a while if you take care of them. Plus, they instantly glam up any casual look.

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I should of course mention that the beach club at our Hotel - Ushuaia - is amazing too and features a more party-like atmosphere. In particular as the afternoon rolls on, the DJ and the music will get louder as it eventually feeds into the bigger parties that take place in Ushuaia.

Es Vedra - A Must-See in Ibiza

While I had been to the island before, I had never visited the west side of it, which is home to Es Vedra, a beautiful rock formation off the coast that is said to be magical in nature. There are legends that mermaids swim there, that a very special force can be felt while overlooking it. The truth is that it's an incredible place to see the sunset from. Be sure to make a stop here one evening (remember the sun sets between 8-9 most times). Here, I wanted to capture an image with a very specific kind of outfit. I had something in mind, but wasn't sure what. Until I saw this M Missoni dress that is (similar here). Its material made it flow really nicely with the light breeze. This is more formal in nature and can be worn to more formal outings, including a wedding back home but it made for the perfect outfit for this pic.

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Ibiza Parties

You can't not talk about the parties when you go to Ibiza, right? Fantastic times as always. This year we made it to ANTS at Ushuaia on Saturday, which is an amazing party that features mostly Tech House & Techno for those that like that.

On Sunday, we visited Destino Ibiza, Pacha's new-ish hotel that also hosts open air parties a few days a week. Here we attended Rumours, with Guy Gerber & Lauren Lane. Definitely recommend seeing a party at Destino - beautiful hotel! As for the outfit, I went with this gorgeous polka dot dress from Lioness. Also on Sunday, we went to Kygo at Ushuaia. I'm a big fan of Kygo and he didn't disappoint. Following a day of exploring the island, on Tuesday we went to Ibiza's newest club Hi Ibiza, located where the old Space Ibiza used to be. The club is truly beautiful and there we went to Eric Prydz's party with Kolsch and Yotto - another fantastic party as well!

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Ibiza Restaurants

I didn't want to close the article without mentioning my new favorite restaurant in Ibiza: Bambuddah. Its cuisine can most likely be described as a Mediterranean Asian bistro, and I have to tell you - between the food, the overall atmosphere, the music, etc. this has become my go-to restaurant on the island for a fun dinner.


Do check out some of my past Ibiza recaps for more information and tips. Will you be heading to the White Isle? Let me know in the comments below!