Trip in Review: Korakia Pensione

Hi all,

If you're planning a trip to Palm Springs or are looking to see where to stay for Coachella, you've come to the right place. Renting a house is always nice, but it isn't always affordable. Plus, you never know what you're walking into. If you're considering a hotel, then a place to definitely take a look at is Korakia Pensione.

A Luxury Boutique Hotel

The hotel is located in the middle of Palm Springs, yet sufficiently outside of downtown to avoid crowds of people. You could rent a car and drive into downtown and the shops and restaurants, or frankly, you can also walk there as the distance is maybe 3-4 blocks. The property features 28 Mediterranean-inspired villas and a very fun, boho vibe. It's a luxury hotel but it's also a boutique hotel, making it feel homey, unique and local.


Food? Yes. Alcohol... mmm..

I had the fortune to have breakfast there twice and enjoyed a changing menu. The first day features scrambled eggs and Avocado Toast, while the second had Huevos Rancheros and something else. The food was incredibly fresh and seemed very home-made. Like if my mom was making it. The food comes out of this small kitchen that, again, looks like it could be yours or mine.


The hotel has very much a bed & breakfast feel, so it definitely isn't a chain hotel with millions of options for food & beverage with 24 hour room service. Perhaps as a result, the rooms don't feature a mini bar or alcohol, though you're welcome to visit a nearby liquor store and bring home your own drinks. A poolside lunch menu is available though!

Korakia Entertainment

The desert and downtown will provide the entertainment you need for your trip, but we were surprised to find two salt-water pools at the hotel, and of course, 24-hour view of mountains - Something that for us New Yorkers-Miamians is a rarity.


The hotel makes for a very romantic setting, as the pools and the surrounding area feature fire pits and beds throughout for you to sit down with your significant other and enjoy a relaxing evening. Here, I'm wearing a beautiful Zimmermann cover up on one of the beds. You do have access to bicycles to ride as well. Plus, you do have the opportunity to book yoga and massages as well!


Korakia Accommodations

I actually had to stay in two different rooms during Coachella due to availability: The Aegean and Sahara suites. Both featured a kitchen and fridge, so if you really wanted, you could even go to the store, buy some food, come back and cook it!

The Aegean Suite didn't have much privacy as it was located right next to the pool and with French doors or windows all around the property. The fact that it was situated in what seemed like a "high-traffic" area, meant you would hear people at the pool or working towards the pool often. The good news though is that your porch was literally the pool and the villa featured an out-of-this-world grotto bathroom.


The Sahara Suite definitely was more private, which is something I prefer when traveling. It was also larger and had a really nice living room area and kitchen, that eventually led to the bedroom, which had its own mini porch in the back. The bathroom had a freestanding porcelain tub - what dreams are made of!

Are you planning on visiting Palm Springs? Have you stayed at Korakia? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!