The Time Hotel New York


Hi All,

Today's post is all about a super cool hotel I had the pleasure of staying in while visiting New York recently. Of course, I'm talking about The Time Hotel in New York, and to be more precise, by Times Square.

You know what they say.... location, location, location and boy does The Time Hotel have a great location. On 49th St, it is located right next to Times Square but by being half a block from it, you get the proximity to it all, but without the crowds and noise. Around it, you're a few steps from theatres, restaurants, lounges and bars. Plus, you're only a few-minutes walk from the subway.

The hotel's entrance leads you to an elevator that then takes you to the second floor, where the front desk is located, as well as a sitting area and the Le Grand lounge, a dimly-lit area that was both in the middle of it all, yet private. I had the chance to visit Le Grand Lounge on Saturday night and was delighted to find a DJ spinning after 9 o'clock. The appetizers and drinks were great - I recommend the Guacamole!

A quick elevator ride takes you to the rooms and we were on the 8th floor. The rooms are spacious - a luxury in New York -  and minimal in nature. Lighting was good and every room features a mini bar - a must in my book! The coolest thing about the room for me was the glass closet that allows you to hang up your clothes and see everything you brought on your trip when deciding outfits.

One of the other perks of The Time Hotel is the fact that is has a full service restaurant at the bottom. And not just any restaurant, but a Serafina - for those that haven't had the chance to visit, Serafina is a chain of Italian restaurants in NY (but also present in Philly and other areas) that feature amazing pizza! And the best thing? Their menu is essentially your room service menu as for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can order their yummy pizzas, focaccias and pastas right to your room!

I truly enjoyed my stay and invite you to check The Time Hotel out on your next trip to NY. This mid town hotel has great location, spacious room and a Serafina for room service. Check it out and let them know Christie sent you!

As always, thank you for reading!