Smell This: NYFW with Viva La Juicy Soirée

Hi all,

It’s NYFW-eve, and I’m excited already about the shows, the clothes and the events! These last few days, I’ve had a bit of a mess as I get everything ready for the week – the outfits, the accessories and one important item: the fragrance (link). That’s right: in collaboration with Juicy Couture and ShopStyle, this week, I tried the new Viva la Juicy Soirée Eau de Parfum Sprays and it has become my go-to fragrance.


A Bit About Your Sense of Smell

Some say the sense of smell is the strongest sense that we have. Recent studies suggest our noses can distinguish over a trillion (with a T!) scents.  The sense of smell, is also heavily linked to memory. How many times do you detect a smell similar to what your mom used to cook and are immediately transported in time? That’s one of the reasons fragrances like Viva la Juicy Soirée are important – to leave a lasting memory of you.

NYFW & Fragrances

Usually, when you think of Fashion Week, you think of the outfits. And I guess rightfully so, right? But accessories are equally as important. When we say accessories, we’re talking about shoes, jewelry, handbags and also perfume. It might not appear in the images you will see, but it makes an impression. The right impression. And When you’re running around NYFW – and I hope you’ll be following along – you meet a lot of people. You meet up with friends, you meet designers, you meet brand representatives, you meet members of the press, etc. And a good perfume  can make all the difference, it elevates you and provides glam without having to put any additional piece of clothing on. It gives you confidence to tackle whatever may come your way.


What does Viva la Juicy Soirée smell like? I could go into intricate detail, but it’s a soft, fresh floral and fruity scent that is not too strong on the nose. Its bottle, with pink and golden hues, is playful and fun, and a bit extravagant like Juicy. The bottle has a big, pink bow that also make it a great addition to your vanity, so it's a win-win!

Next time you stop by an Ulta Beauty, be sure to try it out and let me know what you think or you can shop it online as well.