2019 Spring Trend Guide: Suiting

Hi all,

I’m super excited to bring you a new 2019 Spring Trend guide, and today we’re talking all about suiting. By now, hopefully, you have seen the 2019 Spring Trend Guides on Hair Accessories, polka dots and feathers. And don’t forget to check out other 2019 Spring Trend outfits and shopping lists over on the dedicated Spring 2019 Trends page.

But on to suiting!


2019 Spring Trends: Suits

I’m a big fan of suits for three main reasons and in the video below we’ll take an in-depth look at why I think you should be investing in a suit this Spring/Summer season, plus, we’ll talk about different ways of styling your suit.

From the get-go, suits help you look very well put-together, which makes for a great way to create a first - or second - impression. So whether we’re talking work, an event, or even a date, suiting is a great option for you. A suit provides an extra degree of confidence, as it’ll make you feel more confident to take on just about anything. Again: great for work or dates, for examples. And lastly, a suit is a two-piece set, which is great since it allows you to wear the pieces as separates and makes a good suit an excellent purchase.


So let’s go on to the video and see why you should be looking at getting ready to rock your suits this spring and summer seasons!