3 Ways To Add Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

Hi all,

In today’s post, we’re discussing how to incorporate color into your outfit rotation this winter. First off, have you ever thought why certain color palettes are assigned to a specific season? Well, there may just be some science behind this. When we wear lighter colored clothes, the sun reflects off of the clothes and keeps us cool. Whereas, when we wear darker colored clothes, the clothes absorbs the sunshine and gives us warmth. Who would’ve thought?


It would then make sense to want to gravitate to darker colored clothing in the colder months even if we were consciously aware of this or not. However, it can get pretty boring rather quickly to wear black, brown, and navy all winter long. So today, we’re going to look at 3 ways to add color into your winter wardrobe while also being warm.

Outfit Idea #1

Wear a neutral colored outfit and add a pop of color via your way of COAT. If you’re feeling especially bold and experimental, add another color pop via way of a sweater like I do in this outfit. This is also a fun way to layer. This pink coat is from Mango and is a great option to add a lot of color!


Outfit Idea #2

Wear a neutral colored outfit and add a pop of color via your way of HANDBAG. You might recall we talked about this outfit in detail recently when we talked about layering a slip dress.


Outfit Idea #3

Opt for color in your primary outfit pieces, like top and pair of trousers. Balance the look with a neutral colored coat and accessories.


Which was your favorite way to add color to your wardrobe? And will you be trying any of these outfit combinations out?



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