3 Pieces You Need for a Cool Spring Look

Hi all,

Spring is almost here and if you missed last week’s post, we began talking all things Spring with a post - and video - on Hair Accessories, a huge trend for Spring and Summer. Today, we’re briefly talking about another big trend for Spring: Utility pieces, and more specifically, cargo pants. We’ll be doing a video and full trend report in the future, but for today, let’s talk about this particular outfit, and 3 pieces you need for a cool Spring Look.


Cargo Pants Are In for Spring!

The utility trend is here and in force, with great jumpsuits and cargo pants. So if you had put them away for some time, or if you’re ready to go shopping - great options below - we’re talking this cool outfit that is super easy to style and replicate. The equation for this look is simple: cargo pants + blazer + heels = hot spring look!

It’s true that when we think of Spring, we think of pastel colors, florals, etc. And we’re going to of course be adding those in the future. But today, it’s about a bold look with cargo pants and a blazer.


Cargo Pants + Blazer + Heels

Remember that equation because it’s an equation for success. Grab your favorite cargo pants, and pair them with a blazer. You can choose to wear something underneath the blazer, or just the blazer… and that’s it! It’ll create a chic, yet sexy look which you can adjust a bit depending on the “V” you want to show. If it’s cold out, like it is in New York right now, pair the look with ankle booties. Once it warms up, or if you live in the south, opt for a sandal.


Afterwards, style with accessories - maybe even hair accessories? - as needed and have fun! It’s a simple, easy look that you can replicate right now!

And in case you’re missing a piece or two, you can go shopping here below!



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