Psychology Behind Fashion: Tibi A/W 2019

Tibi, a brand that suits the everyday life of a modern woman, is known for its uncomplicated, clean and very wearable feminine pieces.

The inspiration behind the Fall Winter 2019 collection is drawn from curiosity. Curiosity as to why we are drawn to clothing in neutrals, (like brown, navy, and grey) that appear to bring strength and are reliable, when just one touch of color seems to bring optimism and happiness. Or as to how to achieve the perfect balance in a collection that is innovative and youthful while not losing sight of the heritage of the brand.


The brand set the tone for curiosity and youthfulness as guests discovered a runway of carefully-placed colorful sculptures. These statues resembled equipment and structures that could be found on a children’s playground, a place where children can freely explore and stimulate their curiosity. From an innovative perspective, Tibi incorporated unexpected twists to every single garment. Take for instance the sweater from look 9. What appeared to be a classic and oversized cream turtleneck sweater from the front revealed itself to be a cropped and open back sweater with a black strap from the back.

As for the color story, colors like subdued teal, green, and lavender along with neutrals like cream, gray, brown, and black graced the collection. These latter colors can be quite calming and can seem like a reliable choice for the modern-day woman managing a busy schedule.

But the other colors spotted throughout the collection - green, teal, and lavender - are also quite calming making them a great complement to the neutrals.

The result is a collection that is not only very wearable but one that is also modern and youthful thanks to the unexpected twists in the garments. These are timeless yet cool pieces - thanks in part to the silhouettes - that will be a reliable choice for every modern woman.