Psychology Behind Fashion: Noon by Noor AW 19

Noon by Noor is known for understated luxury, playful femininity, clean silhouettes, and masculine tailoring. The 2019 AW collection was inspired by the Bahrain desert. As far as the color palette, it consisted of neutrals, such as black and camel and subdued colors like green, yellow, and sunset red. As for the silhouettes, we saw structured pieces with sharp cuts, bold shapes, and abstract volumes.

From a psychology of fashion perspective those that tend to gravitate towards neutrals and subdued colors tend to be more understated which is very much aligned with the brand’s DNA. Neutral colors also have a calming effect, so wearing these pieces could be well appreciated by the wearer on a particularly stressful day. And with regards to the silhouettes from the collection, the more structured pieces lend themselves to be power pieces where the wearer can come off as confident, even if the impression is unfounded. Whereas, the more feminine pieces imbue a sense of playfulness and freedom, which in tandem as a collection is in essence the perfect definition of the modern woman.


Dr. C