How To Layer For Winter 2019

Hi all,

Today’s post is all about layering! We’re in the dead of winter and that means it’s time to bring out the layers. While a sweater plus jeans plus coat outfit combination is always a fail proof option, it can get quite boring after a month of wearing the same look. So over the course of the next week I’ll be sharing three fun layering looks that you can easily add to your weekly rotation and will get you out of your winter styling rut.


Tips to Layer Clothes

For the first of the three outfit combinations, we have:

Turtleneck + Button down + Leggings + Coat

It works because we are styling two thin fabrics and then have the thicker fabric out on top. Remember it’s key to wear the thinnest layer closest to your skin and then progressively wear thicker layers on top.

I love how this look is polished yet edgy at the same time. The white button down and black turtleneck are key and classic pieces to have in your wardrobe and it’s such a fun combination with these edgy pleather leggings. The look comes off as polished because of the clean lines from tucking in the shirts. It can also make you appear taller and skinnier because your eyes are drawn up and down thanks to the v-neck shape created from unbuttoning the button down shirt and layering it on top of the turtleneck.


Style tip: if these pleather leggings are too much for you, simply swap these out for a pair of skinny, straight leg, or wide-legged denim.

So what are your thoughts? Would you wear this look?

As always, thank you for reading!