Hot Shoe Alert: Ganni Callie Leather Boots Review 2018

Hi all,

The Fall Trends special continues today with a brand new edition of the Hot Shoe Alert, and today, I wanted to do a special in-depth review of one of the boots I included in the Let's Go Shopping: Western Boots post - the Ganni Callie Leather boots, which have become a big favorite of mine in the last few weeks. So, how does the boot feel? How do we style white leather boots for Fall? Are these a good investment? Let's dive right in!

As always, don't forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the boots, white boots in general and what you want to see reviewed in the future!


Ganni Callie Leather Boots

Before to talk about the boot, let's talk about the brand as some might be unfamiliar with it. Ganni is a Copenhagen-based brand that has blown up in the US market and is known as the “it brand” in the Fashion community lately. The brand was launched by a husband-wife team who last I checked still manage it to this day. Aside from boots, they also make amazing, beautiful contemporary easy to wear pieces.

Ganni Callie Leather Boots Specs & Review

The Ganni Callie Leather boots are a modern take on the cowboy boot that hit at the ankle. The boots have black stitching throughout adding an interesting design element to it that goes perfectly wit the black sole. The heel is stacked and 3 inches high, but the thickness of it makes it very comfortable to wear and walk all day. Some sites say the shoes run big and suggest ordering a size up. however, I can tell you I got a 6, and these fit true to size for me.

My recommendation, however, is that when you're breaking them in, put Vaseline where your skin hits at the top of the shoe to prevent a blister. After I wore these 3 times I did not need to do this and was blister free. 


How to Style White Ganni Boots

I'm a big fan of the Ganni Callie Leather Boots because they go with absolutely everything -from casual wear to office dressing. They look great peeking out from under a maxi or prairie dress, look very chic when paired with a monochrome or pinstriped suit (worn underneath the pant) to over a pair of jeans, tee, and blazer combo. Let's take a look at some examples!

Weekend brunch

Try pairing the boots with a midi skirt and sweatshirt for a very cool weekend brunch look.


Wear the Ganni boots under a pinstriped suit for a chic workwear ensemble.

Date night

Pair with a silk slip dress and blazer for a fun and modern date night look. 


The white Ganni Callie Leather Boots are one of my go-to boots this season. They are on-trend, are chic, and are very versatile. The heel is perfect for walking, both day and night, and the quality is top-notch - meaning you'll have these for some time. At $475 though, they’re not chunk change but are still a good buy if you can do it based on the cost-per-wear. You're going to be wearing these quite a bit, so you'll make good use of the expenditure. Expect to see me wearing these quite a bit this season!

If these are out of your budget, I've included two similar pairs that I haven't tried on but are similar in nature.

Shop White Ganni Callie Leatehr Boot

Shop these boots by clicking on the image or  HERE .

Shop these boots by clicking on the image or HERE.


Shop these boots by clicking on the image or  HERE .

Shop these boots by clicking on the image or HERE.

Shop these boots by clicking on the image or  HERE .

Shop these boots by clicking on the image or HERE.